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Fecal Egg Count Reduction Test

By Merck Animal Health

Parasite resistance could be masking your dewormer.
Even though deworming protocols are in place, parasite resistance could be negatively impacting your herd, including appetite suppression, lost milk production, decreased reproductive performance, suppressed immune response, reduced weight gain and other negative health events. Fecal egg count reduction testing (FECRT) can help determine if any parasite resistance exists in your herd and can be a catalyst for establishing a strategic deworming approach to internal parasites.

The FECRT and deworming protocols include:
  • Detailed directions for sample collection and procedures
  • Parasitology laboratory options and procedures
  • Quick and accurate test results
  • Strategic deworming protocols
If you are interested in learning more about fecal egg count reduction testing, talk to your Merck Animal Health representative or request more information. 

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