Dairy Care 365® is designed to support dairy producers and veterinarians like you. Explore the site for training, solutions and products to give your herd the best possible care – each and every day.

Our commitment extends beyond our products to support your efforts to optimize the health and well-being of your cattle. Dairy Care 365® provides the resources needed to maintain sound policies, hire the right people and make sure they are properly trained.

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Dairy Training

EXPERIENCE THE DAIRY CARE 365® TRAINING MODULES. Interactive LESSONS on topics you care about.


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What Can Dairy Care 365® Do for You?

We all benefit from animal care. What’s good for your cattle is good for your business and your employees. Learn how veterinarian and dairy producer Leon Weaver, V.M.D., uses Dairy Care 365® to enhance animal care training, boost employee morale and improve animal well-being on his dairy in Montpelier, Ohio.

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Management Tips

Get practical advice from experts in animal care and management.

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Management Tips: Strategies for Reducing Summer Fertility Lag

The end of summer comes with a reprieve from the heat and a rebound in milk production. Don’t let the comfortable temperatures fool you – the impacts of heat stress can linger long after the thermometer falls. Learn more about summer fertility lag and get tips on how to manage reproduction health through the first two months of fall.

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Dairy Solutions

GIVE YOUR HERD THE BEST POSSIBLE CARE with a variety of solutions from Merck Animal Health.


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“U.S. Dairy Farmers Care” Video: Live it. Watch it. Share it.

It’s a story that starts with dairy producers like you. Checkout “U.S. Dairy Farmers Care,” an animated video created by Merck Animal Health to educate consumers about dairy producers and their commitment to their animals, the environment, local communities and consumers.

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