Yesterday’s scours vaccines can’t handle today’s viral challenges.

So Guardian® offers the best spectrum of protection from the prevalent and dangerous causes of viral and bacterial scours. 

Designed to increase scours-fighting antibodies in colostrum, Guardian tackles viruses and E. coli before they can spread.   

Guardian provides:
  • Real-world protection against coronavirus and rotavirus
  • The only vaccine with subunit technology for K99 E. coli for specific immune response and low reactivity
  • The broadest clostridium protection – to protect against deadly C. perfringens and other strains
  • Easy administration with a single dose at 12 weeks precalving, followed by a booster 3-6 weeks later
  • Less cattle-handling stress and possible abortion near calving time
Available in both 10-dose and 50-dose options.

For complete information, refer to the product label.